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Develop Truly Native Mobile Apps – High-End Performance, Look and Feel

React Native is an open-source JavaScript mobile application framework, developed by Facebook. This framework is used to writing real and natively rendering mobile apps for Android and iOS. Developed based on the Facebook’s JavaScript library, this specifically targets mobile platforms instead of browser, unlike React. Basically, it is the framework that helps to create apps that feel native right from the JavaScript library; it allows simultaneous development of both Android and iOS apps with shared code.

React Native provides the benefit of production-ready mobile apps, and it allows for implementation of most UI surfaces. This platform stands out from the existing cross-platform application development methods as it doesn’t render using webviews. For the developer experience and cross-platform development potential, it provides enhancement to normal mobile development.

React Native Development Service – Accelerated Native Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

  • React Native Consultation
  • React Native Development
  • React Native Mitigation
  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • React Native App Support & Maintenance
  • React Native Resource Augmentation
  • React Native Consulting and Development
  • UI / UX and API Development
  • Full-cycle React Native development

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